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Università (University)

In the days of late October 2018, I saw a list with over 600 online university courses that you can enroll in for free.

Among them were:

Natural Language, from Man to Machine (Naples)

New Digital Technologies (Naples)

Introduction to Computer Science (Naples)

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (Berkley)

The mind of the universe. Robots in society: Blessing or course? (Delft)
Developing your vision for educational leadership and management (Newcastle)

Food for thought: The relationship between food, gut and brain (Turin)

Mindfulness: What it is, where it comes from and how to practice it (Naropa)

Training the mental game (Deakin)

Latin literature, from the origins to the Augustan age (Naples)

Dialects in Italy (Naples)

Developing your cultural intelligence (Purdue)

Learning Chinese from scratch (National Taiwan University)

Upper Intermediate English: Modern Life (Valencia)

Introduction to Linguistics (Birmingham)

Game Theory I – Static Games (Santa Fe)

Learning Jazz Piano III. Piano solo and advanced topics (Goldsmiths University of London)

The power of podcasting for storytelling (Wollongong)

Exploring Japanese avant-garde art through Butoh dance (Keio)

Psychology of music: Why is “Bohemian Rhapsody” so good? (Griffith)

Introduction to Schrodinger’s equation and quantum transport (Purdue)

The health effects of climate change (Harvard)

Copyright law in the music business (Berklee)

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