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Smart mirror

When we look back at the era of the 10s in the future, we may think of it as the time when the first thing we did in the morning was check our smartphones. There is a Restorations song, Nonbeliever, that sums up this information bulimia in one sentence: “You just refresh the news, and repeat it again”.

I wonder when this will become obsolete, when we will find a way to free ourselves from these addictions. On One Hundred Years of Nerdiness there are glimpses of possible futures, such as the smart mirror, which has been my furniture dream ever since I saw it.

Imagine how your waking up would change. The alarm clock goes off, you yawn, get out of bed, walk over to the wall and when you look at yourself in the smart mirror you see the weather, messages to read and whatever else you want. At least you would no longer be attached to your smartphone as an appendage of your body.

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