Ma Adesso Cambiamo Argomento

e parliamo di...


In the past I had a very bad relationship with my body. I remember once when I was a child, I was about eight or nine years old, I undressed at the doctor’s. My father who was there commented that I looked like a deportee from Auschwitz. My father who was there commented that I looked like a deportee from Auschwitz.

He meant that I was too thin, but let’s just say that he could have communicated that judgement in a nicer way – obviously shared by everyone, by the way. It took me many years to start accepting my thinness and then even appreciating it, starting a fruitful relationship of cooperation instead of war and hatred.

It is no coincidence that until I was a teenager all my attempts at physical activity were unsuccessful and unpleasant: they were aimed at ‘changing’ my body (at the time I could not realise how absurd this intention was) rather than making it feel good.

It was during my adolescence that at various stages I also went to gyms, places where my personal discomfort merged with that of others – almost everyone seemed to have problems there, but often of the opposite kind to mine – and sharing the same environment was really embarrassing for everyone.

From university onwards, in Bologna, I discovered yoga, which guarantees a completely different type of social and political acquaintance. But basically I like simple physical activity.

In 2018 I started stretching alone, at home. I like it. I use Youtube videos, although I still don’t understand why everything related to generalist physical activity has to be – at least in Italy, I don’t know about Berlin or London – so blatantly tamaronic.

A video that I use a lot is this one, it lasts 10 minutes and when I’m feeling good I practice it even twice a day which is still just 20 minutes of activity: practically nothing, but my body doesn’t really ask for more.

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