Ma Adesso Cambiamo Argomento

e parliamo di...


In my unstable relationship with reality, I have often oscillated between underestimating myself and megalomania. They are probably two sides of the same difficulty in assigning myself the right value as a human being among many human beings, with its own dignity, but not superior to others.

I have often cultivated impossible dreams, but with the naive certainty that sooner or later they would somehow come true. For example, I have dreamed of creating and publishing my own magazine, by myself, writing it from the first to the last line and then paging it, illustrating it, printing it. I think it is a desire that began when I was still in primary school, and then evolved with age through the various means that technology has made available to me.

Starting with paper and pencil, I went through typewriters, Intel 486s with floppy disks, websites, and then the turning point came in 2003 with the avalanche of blogs. Mine was called Il Blog Della Domenica (The Sunday Blog), on Splinder, and it is probably the closest I ever came to that utopian magazine created by a single person. Along with the subsequent evolutions of Twitter and Tumblr, which were also my main successes. In those years between 2006 and 2008 that marked the big bang of social networks, Instagram also arrived at a certain point. And it stayed there for many years, and my first Instagram fell victim to hackers, so in 2016 I opened another one, from scratch, with no more contact with old friends or ex-blog friends. I called it fotodelladomenica, in keeping with my tradition.

Over the last few years it has been the only social network that I have kept active, without any pretense, mainly to publish the photos of my two trips to Japan in a place where they wouldn’t get lost.

Until a few days ago, when I was leafing through the French magazine Les Inrockutibles, I saw a mention of an ‘instagramazine’, or ‘magazine on instagram’. How is it possible to create a magazine on instagram, I wondered, and I immediately looked it up: Vogue had mentioned it some time before. I was then amazed to see how the author actually manages to condense content into the 30-second videos allowed by the format, and made exciting by tight editing. And if that content doesn’t really interest me, the form immediately made me want to turn my grey account into this new wonder, the Sunday Instagramazine, where I could post mini-videos to talk in my own way about music, films, politics, or my travels, my daily life, whatever interests me. And I immediately started using an app on my mobile phone to edit photographs and texts in video format, publishing them instantly.

I recognise it. It’s my old utopia that has awakened, and is crying out for attention and energy. So now I am training to learn how to master this new medium that technology provides.

The first application I have tried is called Quik, which is very simple. Many others can be found, for example here and here.

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