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In 2011 I finished a master’s degree in teaching Italian to foreigners, and soon after I found a job teaching Italian to foreigners.

After all these years, I am still not tired, although I feel the risk of getting stuck in my flaws as the enthusiasm of the early days inevitably fades.

One of my shortcomings is that I have never learnt to put the materials I use for lessons in order, producing a mountain of photocopies, most of which are lying around until I decide to throw them away.

And now, seven years into my teaching life, I have decided that the only way to solve the problem is to go digital: obviously most of the good material is not online, so you have to scan it or try to get it some other way.

So far I have found:

  • an old edition of Un tuffo nell’azzurro (Panozzo Editore).
  • unit 5 of the workbook of Un tuffo nell’azzurro.
  • unit 5 (“Let’s do the shopping”) of Un tuffo nell’azzurro.
  • unit 15 of the workbook from Un tuffo nell’azzurro 2.
  • unit 15 (“Summer projects”) from Dive into the Blue 2.
  • the vocabulary of Un tuffo nell’azzurro, divided by unit.

L’italiano con i fumetti (Italian with comics) is also interesting, but I only found it on Slideshare.

And after various searches, I came across a shady Russian site called twirpx. Braving the danger, I signed up and discovered that it is indeed a mine of textbooks for Italian L2, including some of my favourites: Ricette per parlare (Alma Edizioni). How to prepare for the CELI 1 exam (Guerra Edizioni). How to prepare for the CELI 4 exam (Guerra Edizioni). Geography of Italy for foreigners (Guerra Edizioni). Via del Corso A1 (Edilingua). Senti che Storia! (Eli Edizioni). Progetto Italiano 1, student book and exercise book (Edilingua).

Among the online resources, there are some interesting sites:

  • Stranit√†.
  • Un tuffo nell’Italia, with readings on the individual Italian regions.
  • Annotated bibliography edited by the libraries of Bologna.
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